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VoIP is a way of making telephone calls over the internet. Because it doesn’t rely on landlines, VoIP to land line calls are much cheaper than ordinary calls and VoIP to VoIP calls are usually free. This opens up a vast potential to cut down on call costs, expand your marketing efforts or operate a

Sales Force Management

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Take CRM to the next level. It not only enables you to maximise your client relationships, it allows you to consolidate and streamline the sales process. This leads to increased sales with your sales force targeting the right clients with the right products. Some systems can even take over the tracking of appointments, communications between

Cloud Accounting Systems

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Accounting Systems need little introduction. However, because cloud solutions are cheaper, you can afford to upgrade your accounting systems. This enables you to keep track of cash flow, manage debtor books and have access to a wide range of accounting reports; all to the benefit of your businesses cash balances Cloudkai offer a wide range

What is ERP?

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ERP Stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It allows you to track and manage all your internal and external resources. These include your business assets, materials, cash deposits and people. Using an ERP system helps you to understand how your resources are working within the business. With an ERP system you can control your supply chain,

The Advantages of Cloud Computing

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One of the advantages of cloud computing is that all businesses can benefit from the cost savings that come from the need to maintain one central application rather than hundreds of thousands of copies. This means that medium and even small businesses can have affordable access to solutions that were once the preserve of large