Cloudkai  Services

Our end to end Cloud transformation process is designed to help you servicessto make significant beneficial changes to your business by planning and implementing a Cloud migration strategy quickly and efficiently.

We are expert in assessment and planning, we also have significant experience in implementation and support to ensure the Cloud delivers ROI and other benefits including improvement in customer service, data security and collaborative working.



  • We review your current processes and requirements and develop a plan for Cloud migration to minimise disruption in changing from existing to Cloud systems.

Maturity and Assessment Plans

Before embarking on a growth phase or considering the introduction of new services and products you need to have a clear picture of your current position. To provide a solid foundation for change, Cloudkai employees Maturity Assessment & Planning techniques to assess your current maturity and reveal possible options for future business growth.

Leveraging Social Collaboration

Social technologies have swept aside many previous certainties and opened new channels and ways to engage with customers and improve how businesses function. When combined with the benefits that Cloud-based working affords, social platforms can transform your business from marketing through sales and customer service. Cloudkai can work with you to understand the impact of social media and identify opportunities to harness its power.

Effective Digital Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns require a holistic approach to utilising the technology effectively to achieve measurable results.Using metrics and analytics you can learn about individual customers and tailor messages and offers designed specifically to interest and engage with them.

Cloudkai can work with your team to plan, execute digital marketing campaigns measure effectiveness and ensure your programmes deliver ROI.


  • We support your team to turn the Cloud migration plan into reality and then keep you abreast of innovations that help retain and deepen customer loyalty.

Our Methodology

To utilise Cloud technologies to best effect and achieve measurable results within planned timeframe and budget requires a different approach to old style consulting. Cloudkai combines business and technology knowledge with expertise and a practical approach to implementation that focuses on using the Cloud to improve customer engagement and drive growth and ROI.

Data Migration

Cloudkai implementations will involve the migration of data from one or more legacy systems. Depending on the scale, complexity of the implementation this can range from entering in tiny amounts of data to electronically migrating large volumes of data. Many implementations will involve the latter and a significant effort in preparing and cleansing the data for the migration.

The activities involved include, data collection, extraction, transformation, loading and retention. Planning & implementation and other things to consider including tier 1 & tier 2 data migration and data migration in managed Environments.

Custom Technology Service

With is expertise in architecture, design data management and custom development, Cloudkai is the ideal partner for innovative companies seeking to use the Cloud to differentiate their offer and gain competitive advantage.

Maximising Cloud Governance Agility

Cloud governance requires an approach that recognises the speed of change and prioritises innovations that engage with customers and drives value throughout their life cycle. Cloudkai works with customers to maximise their return on Cloud investments by providing a sound framework, agile development tools and expert services needed.

Change Management

The ability to manage change effectively is the primary requirement for successful adopting new technologies and the Cloud is no different in this respect. Cloudkai understands that people are at the core of the change process. Our approach is to mitigate risk by aligning overall goals and system design with clear end-user requirements to ensure people are engage from the outset.


  • We ensure competitive advantage is achieved from the outset is retained by keeping you abreast of change and enabling you to plan effectively for future developments.

Maximising ROI from Cloud applications

The significant difference between the Cloud and old style in-house IT is that the initial Cloud implementation provides a long term foundation on which to build rather than necessarily a solution to will be applied virtually unchanged for years except minor software updates.

The Cloud offers business a living and potentially dynamic environment in which to engage all stakeholders, employees and customers alike, and drive innovation.Cloudkai will work with your business beyond the first stage implementation to continue to evolve new solutions that match changing business and market requirements and maximise ROI.


  • Adoption is the key to successful implementation. We work with you to provide your people with a clear path and compelling reasons to embrace new solutions.


Any investment into technology is of little consequence or value to the business if users fail to adopt it. Often whilst the adoption process needs to be led from top down, ideas and innovation can come from any level but starts with people being trained to understand how to use systems effectively.

Cloudkai will work with you as part of our process to drive user adoption and provide the right framework for training and motivation.