Industries we work with

Financial services

The Financial Services markets are intensively competitive requiring players to be innovative in the products and services they offer and agile in responding to new ideas.

Initial customer engagement is the first challenge but then building on, managing and creating higher value, long term relationships requires continuous review of processes. Cloudkai will work with you to find the right Cloud CRM solution to ensure you engage with and build a deeper bond with your customers.


Manufacturers face increasing challenges in a connected world where the next big thing is always round the corner and just in time means precisely that. Already predicted is the combining of cloud computing with the next generation ‘Internet of things’ where everything is connected to create so-called cloud manufacturing.

Whatever the future looks like, Cloudkai will ensure your cloud CRM capability is designed to maximise future innovation


Service providers from fixed line to mobile, satcomms to cable are increasingly competing against a backdrop of disruptive technology and commoditisation driving down prices. With revenues being challenged and competition fierce, so retaining customer loyalty increasingly relies of service standards and innovation as well as competitive pricing.

Cloudkai is geared to providing solutions that improve agility including through the business connectivity, boosting loyalty by helping to create a more innovative, customer focused culture.

Healthcare and life science

Everyone at some stage in their life will need healthcare support the key to maximising scarce resources and meeting effectively is to personalise care whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Cloudkai can work with your organisation to plan effectively to meet patient needs whilst seeking the most cost effective solutions.

Media and communication

The internet changed how people use media from static viewing to interaction and increasing personalisation of content. Social media and mobile is further redefining and challenging relationships putting the customer in control and requiring the media to deliver what they demand whether that be entertainment, information or relevant advertising.

Cloudkai will work with you to understand what your customers want and consider how the Cloud can be leveraged ensure you delight them.

High tech

The technology industry is at the forefront of adopting and using new technologies in their businesses. Cloudkai provides the solutions that keep their employees and customers connected.


The retail business has been shaken to its core since the advent of online shopping, and social media has changed consumer behaviour and created a highly competitive environment. Cloudkai brings together the complete supply chain to provide a consistently high quality customer experience.


Government is motivated by the opposing forces of increased openness, the need to provide better access to information and deliver true interactivity whilst remaining within the bounds of affordability.

Just as for all business we live in an age of considerable change in how citizens expect to interact with government. Cloudkai focuses on enabling government to meet expectations.

Non-profit & Higher Education

As with business and government, the internet has changed the dynamics between communities and those organisations that seek to aid or provide services like education. Cloudkai can help identify and implement innovative solutions the deepen and strength relationships and provide value for money